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Removing the cover is very simple. 6 screws need to be loosened and the gas struts need to be popped off. The whole process takes 10 minutes.

250Kg. We would recommend loading heavy loads closer to the front on the cover, to ensure better weight distribution onto the vehicle. 

Yes! Fitment is simple and we have fitment instruction available. You will need a buddy to help you and some basic tools (13 and 10mm wrench, no. 4 allen key, screw drivers, etc.). Full fitment takes about an hour. 

No. On all modern models we use the existing threaded holes, which makes fitment much easier. Some of the older models require drilling, but we made sure that it’s a simple process.

The quick answer is yes, but we would advise against it. Modern roll bars are purely for show, and limit the loadability of the Smartop considerably. There are hundreds of different roll bars on the market, which makes it difficult to accommodate all of them. To find out whether you can keep your rollbar and fit a Smartop, send us an email with the exact specs. 

Yes! The beauty of the Tourtop is that you can fasten anything to it, as long as you use an M8 bolt. Some accessories have specific fasteners which might look like they won’t work, but we have a range of adapters available. So yes, you can fit your Thule Proride bike holders to the Tourtop rack (Using adapters). Have a look at our gallery to get an idea for what has been done before. 

Yes. The Tourtop has two built-in locks that use a common key. You would need to lock your tailgate to ensure your belongings are 100% safe. 

Yes. We suggest putting a set of our load bars on top of the Tourtop and then mouting the tent onto the load bars to give some extra height (we have everything you need to do the fitment). If you would like your Tourtop to open while having the tent mounted, simply mount the tent at least 300mm from the rear window of your truck. 
Yes. Smaller awnings work really well. We suggest mounting it at the back to give you some shade when your Tourtop is open. See our gallery on the Homepage for photos of this setup. 

The Tourtop has T-slots all over the place, but what exactly is a T-slot? A t-slot is a slot that holds a bolt or nut in place, so you can fasten something down onto it. The more t-slots you have, the easier it is to fasten accessories onto the cover.